Frequently Asked Questions
What is a merchant account?
A merchant account allows businesses to accept and process credit card payments. In order to accept credit and debit card payments, you simply need to establish a merchant account with your Merchant Service Sales Representative. Merchant Service Sales will provide the basic financial services needed for your to receive credit card payments.
When will I be charged my monthly fees, and when can I expect to receive my monthly processing statements?
All monthly fees are charged and posted to your bank account on the first business day of the following month. Your monthly processing statement will be sent shortly after, typically arriving in the mail by mid-month.
I have a question about my processing statement. How can I find out more information?
For assistance with your processing statement, it is best to contact a customer service representative. Our staff is helpful and knowledgeable, and can answer any questions you have about your statement.
What do I need to do to process credit cards?
Once you have set up a merchant account with a merchant service provider (MSP), you will need to purchase credit card processing equipment, whether it be a terminal, software, or gateway product. Your Merchant Service Sales Representative will help you find the right credit card equipment for your type of business transactions and processing needs. Ensuring that you buy the right equipment is extremely crucial in avoiding higher costs long-term
When can I start processing?
Once you have your merchant account and your programmed credit card equipment, you are ready to accept credit cards!
How does credit card processing work?
Processing a credit card payment involves many parties and various stages, but below are the two main steps that merchants need to take: 1) CREDIT AUTHORIZATION: When a credit card is accepted, an electronic authorization is requested through a credit card terminal. The authorization request is sent to several parties to determine whether the status of the sale is approved or declined and then relayed back to the terminal. 2) CLOSE OR "SETTLE" YOUR AUTHORIZATIONS: All credit card transactions made throughout a given day must be "settled" to be finalized. Once settlement has been completed, Merchant Service Sales will process the transactions, working with the cardholder's issuing banks to retrieve the money owed. Once retrieved, the money is sent to your bank account for payment. This is typically a 24-48 business hour process. *All authorized transactions must be settled in order to receive payment.
I need to program my credit card processing equipment. What should I do?
FOR NEW ACCOUNTS: If you need to purchase new processing equipment, contact your Merchant Service Sales Representative will place your order. If you have existing processing equipment, one of our technicians will contact you within 2 business days after your account has been approved to guide you through the reprogram over the phone (usually 10-30 minutes, depending on the terminal).

Does my credit card machine need to be turned on in order for it to auto-batch?
All machines must be turned ON so that it can dial-out to auto-batch
Can I use someone else's merchant account to do my transactions?
No, this practice is known as "credit card laundering" or "factoring." It is against the Visa® and MasterCard® agreement. Using someone else's merchant account to process your credit card transactions can lead to heavy fines and perhaps more. In addition, you'll also put that merchant's credit card processing account in jeopardy.