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Mobile devices offer retailers new tools for transactions, customer satisfaction Mobile devices have been proving for years that they can significantly help users to conduct a variety of functions and improve their productivity, whether it's checking on finances, browsing online or keeping in touch with others. Now as smartphones and tablets are making their way into the business world, retailers are beginning to take notice by adopting these gadgets for their own benefit.
Rise in card payments highlights needs for POS solutions Consumers have long been moving away from using cash to pay for purchases at retail stores, and with the rise of ecommerce, many shoppers haveincreasingly turned to credit and debit cards to buy the items they want. And another payment form – mobile – is changing the way that individuals complete transactions, meaning that companies need to adopt solutions now that can accept allmethods. 5/17/2021
Retail Pro 9 webinar gives attendees chance to learn all about the platform Having solidmanagement practices in place is essential for retailers to keep their businesses running effectively. To make these strategies even stronger and boost operations, merchants can implement retail management software to oversee all aspects and factors of both in-store and online processes. Retail Pro 9 is just the system for retailers, and interested industry professionals can learn all about this platform at this week's webinar. 5/16/2021
Changes in weather having impact on American retail sales Chilly weather is still lingering for many regions across the United States, and this is affecting retail sales. Despite the upcoming summer season, the remaining colder temperatures are changing the way that consumers are buying items from merchants. However, businesses are optimistic that their merchandise for warmer months will soon be purchased as the weeks go on. 5/16/2021
2021 Retail Processing Report Presents new Opportunities in the Electronic Payments Industry When participating in conferences and other industry events, attendees come to learn all about the latest trends and technology impacting their business. However, this isn't the only reason why professionals participate in conferences – the networking opportunities are another benefit of attending events. 5/15/2021
How retailers can avoid data breaches Throughout their daily operations, retailers deal with a vast amount of information. This can pertain to their customers, their revenues, their employees, their competitors – the list is endless. Businesses want to keep this data safe, and for many, the systems they use may be sufficient. However, research has shownthat those within the retail industry are becoming a target for data breaches conducted by hackers. 5/13/2021
Online sales tax bill clears Senate, awaits House vote Although it needs to be passed through both houses of Congress, the recent successful vote of the Marketplace Fairness Act by the U.S. Senate is being seen as a victory. Now, all that's left is a vote by the House of Representatives and a final signature by President Barack Obama for the bill – which would allow states to applysales taxes to internet purchases – to become law. 5/13/2021
The power of networking at the 2021 Retail Pro Global Conference Without establishing connections and fostering valuable working relationships, retailers know that their operations could suffer. Networking with other retail industry professionals significantly helps brands gain access to important trends and news in their sectors as well as learn from the tips and strategies being used by other companies. 5/10/2021
Mobile devices are not just for outside of retail stores anymore Since the emergence of smartphones and tablets, consumers have been completing purchases through the devices, and retailers have been adopting systems that accommodate these shoppers. While these gadgets are mostly utilized outside of merchants' brick-and-mortar locations, they are steadily making their way into storefronts as businesses learn to take advantage of the technology's benefits. 5/9/2021
Retail employee satisfaction key to operational success Retailers know that without motivated and happy staff members, their operations could be put at risk. This can come in the form of dissatisfied customers due to poor service or financial losses resulting from worker error, whether intentional or by mistake. For this reason, it is vital that merchants take steps to keep staff members happy and dedicated to their jobs.